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Updated genome information for JF1/Ms


JF1 is an inbred mouse strain of the subspecies Mus musculus molossinus. The ancestors of JF1 were found at a pet market in Denmark and transferred to the NIG in 1987, where they were established as an inbred strain in 1993. Many genetic studies using classical inbred strains and the JF1 strain have been installed for genetic and epigenetic analyses of a wide-range of complex traits and diseases.

In the NBRP Genome Information Upgrading Program (2017.10- 2018.3), to provide more in detail of structure and copy number variation for the JF1 genome, further resequencing by long-read sequencing platforms was employed. The genomic information of structural variations and high quality resequencing data of JF1 should be deal with quite important information to the research community for variety of phenotypes and diseases study by using mice.

MoG+ users please acknowledge MoG+ in your publications by mentioning the following information:

MoG+; http://molossinus.brc.riken.jp/mogplus/


We, Integrated Bioresource Information Division, reserve the right to be the first to publish a genome-wide analysis of the data that we have generated.

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All of the assembled scaffold sequences are available to download from our FTP site.