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Takada et al. 2013

MSM/Ms (RBRC00209)

An inbred strain MSM/Ms was established from Japanese wild mice, M. m. molossinus, collected in 1978 in Mishima, Shizuoka-ken, Japan (Moriwaki et al. 1994, 2009). The divergence time between M. m. molossinus and west European subspecies, M. m. domesticus, from which genomes of the most classical laboratory strains are derived, is estimated to be roughly one million years (Yonekawa et al. 1980; Moriwaki 1994, 2009). Over a long evolutionary time period, a large amount of genetic variation has accumulated on each of these genomes (Abe et al. 2004).

JF1/Ms (RBRC00639)

The ancestors of JF1 were found at a pet market in Denmark and transferred to the NIG in 1987, where they were established as an inbred strain in 1993. Morphological and genetic characterization suggests that JF1 is derived from M. m. molossinus (Koide et al. 1998). Recently, JF1 strain is becoming an important bioresource for researches of genome imprinting, and genetic and epigenetic studies of various complex traits.

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